When the Bad News for You Bears team was first formed, it became apparent that major issue was going to be the availability of year round baseball fields that would suit the needs of our teams.  With soccer and football, the town of Prescott Valley was forced to re-allocate many of the baseball fields to other uses other that baseball/softball during the late summer and early fall of each year.

With that in mind, the team located a couple of baseball fields adjacent to Coyote Springs Elementary School and, with the help and assistance of their staff, and the staff of the Humboldt Unified School District, the team was able to enter into an agreement that would allow us to use the fields, as long as we were able to bring them back into a suitable condition.  The agreement was beneficial for the team and for the school, as the fields would be a great asset to the student body of the elementary school as well as our baseball team. The fields had fallen into disrepair and needed to be cleared of weeds and rocks, and the sprinkler system, which was several years old, was in poor condition.  The team was well aware that it would require a great deal of work and a sizable amount of money to restore the fields to a playable condition.

With the help of volunteers, and in particular, Ron Sartor and his tractor, the team was able to begin work almost immediately on the first field, clearing it of weeds and rocks and leveling the area.  The first order of business was to get the sprinkler system working properly.  To accomplish that, Jeff contacted a local business nearby, Ewing Irrigation, and their staff was very helpful in making the necessary repairs. The employees at Ewing made sure that we had the proper equipment to ensure that the new grass would be properly watered and that the system would provide proper irrigation for the years to come.  Ewing Irrigation is a full service irrigation store located at 8267 E. Pecos Dr. in Prescott Valley.   The telephone number is 928-775-9506 and their website is ewingirrigation.com.

Due to the age of the sprinkler system, many of the sprinklers and the pipes that supplied them, were broken and leaked.  It was determined that new lines were going to be necessary and many of the old ones would have to be re-routed.  This required digging new trenches for the pipes and sprinklers over a great portion of the outfield.  Initially, The Prescott Valley Home Depot, on highway 69, allowed us the use of one of their hand held trenchers.  Due to the consistency of the dirt and amount of rocks, digging the new trenches was a long and arduous task.  But Justin Sweeney of Empire Caterpillar, located off of highway 89A in Prescott came to the rescue.  He was able to supply us with a small tractor with an attached trencher and with that equipment we were able to make short work of digging all the necessary lines.  

  Empire Caterpillar is a full service heavy equipment facility.  The phone number is 928-499-6001 and the website is empire-cat.com.http://www.empire-cat.com

As a result of the hard work of many volunteers and support from the community, as of the Fall of 2017, the first field has been leveled and grass has been planted and is growing quite well.   We are well on our way.

The Bad News for You Bears teams have also received help from several other businesses in the area.  They have helped us financially and also with providing equipment for the team.  Needless to say, the teams are very grateful for their help.

Mandalay Homes is a developer and home builder that builds quality homes in the Prescott, Prescott Valley area.   Their website is  https://www.mandalayhomes.com/

Advanced Dental Center is a local full service dental office located in Prescott.  Their phone number is 928-775-0970 and their website is https://www.prescottdental.com/

Rukket Sports is a sports equipment company that supplies soccer, baseball, golf and lacrosse equipment.  Rukket Sports have a design philosophy that emphasizes constant innovation. All Rukket Sports products are designed with input from college level athletes and coaches. Also, customer feedback and ideas are critical as we work to improve the functionality and durability of their designs.  Their website is rukket.com.  https://rukket.com/

HomeSmart Fine Homes and Land, located in Prescott is a full service realty and their website is homesmart.com.   For information regarding buying or selling homes you can contact Trisha or Corey Johannsen at their email: corey@searchprescottaz.com or trish@searchprescottaz.com, or at 928-713-4106.

HomeKey lending is a mortgage lending company that services the quad city area and their website is hmkey.com.and they can be reached by telephone at 623-476-2413.


The Steven M. Jackson Law group is a local law group whose area of practice is estate planning and Probate Law.  An estate plan provides for your future, probate law consists of the plan’s execution.  Their website is jacksonlawgroupaz.com and can be reached by telephone at 928-458-7402.   http://jacksonlawgroupaz.com

We have also received help from the Prescott Valley Leadership Association at pvlaprc.org, The Prescott Newspapers (the Daily Courier and the Prescott Valley Tribune), and Full Swing Sports located at 2655 N. Crownpointe Drive in Prescott Valley.  Their telephone is 928-515-2300.  Full Swing provides batting and pitching cages for all local baseball and softball players and team. 

  Bingham Equipment Company out of Cottonwood has also been very helpful in providing us with the proper equipment needed to maintain our fields.  http://www.binghamequipment.com/